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The right strategy is the key to success.




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Customer Care Agent

Customer Care

The customer´s satisfaction is the key to longlasting success.



Customer Care

If you are a start-up- corporation which is looking for outsourcing the customer service and to improve the quality as well as improve accessibility of the service, Extramile Services are the proper contact for you…

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Increase Sales

Place your advert precisely where your potential clients are looking for your products and services. This allows you to reach your target group customers at the exact moment they are searching for your merchandise or your service.

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Brand Awareness

With the right strategy you can turn your name into a brand. This is where we come in to create an individual approach, customized for your needs to achieve the desired success. We can help you chose the right channels for your…

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We specialize in Branding, Marketing and Customer Care. Our mantra is “For your success we walk the Extra Mile”


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