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Our world is changing more and more to become a service society – and exactly therefore it is important to give the best customer service possible. Nowadays it is not sufficient enough to present prefabricated answers and templates to the customers. Every customer is appreciating a service on a personal level, while our partners want to compete with a high level customer service that stands out from the crowd.  “Quality starts with putting the satisfaction of the customer into the center of the reasoning”.

If you are a start-up- corporation which is looking for outsourcing the customer service and to improve the quality as well as improve accessibility of the service, Extramile Services are the proper contact for you.


Your factors and reasons:

If you are a start-up-corporation:


We already worked with several start-up-corporations and therefore know that delays might be expected. Hence, before you hire an entire customer care team, which might be waiting for some time to become active, simply get the Extramile. For only a small settlement, we will be on standby for you and help you to find the right systems, to develop models and templates and to investigate your web presence for potential bugs and ease of use. For your final start, our team will be there for you. If we both notice (with the help of detailed statistics which are provided by us) that we need more personnel to handle the volume of work we will be happy to do so.Your advantage:  Labor costs will be only created once the actual work is in favor. If you happen to decide rather to have the customer service at your own company, there won’t be any issue either. But you can take it from us: You would not want to change again!

If you are not happy with the quality of your current customer service:

We are happy to take over! Unfortunately in the customer care business it is easy to creep into a daily grind, but our employees see it as a mission to deliver the best customer service possible and receive the appropriate award from us. Due to our different partners we can offer our employees a lot more variety and give them more perspective options to take on more responsibility. Hereby, and for the reasons of a good working atmosphere and a positive and motivating quality management, we can keep the level of our work quality, and therefore also your level of quality, to a high standard.But even if you don’t want to take the step of outsourcing your customer care team, we can help: With our longtime experience in quality- and complaint management we can test your customer service team and can help to improve the work. Every so often it is helpful to get a professional sight from outside in order to see the obvious.

If you don’t have enough inquires to occupy your employees or not enough employees for a good accessibility:

Actually, one can be glad if the business is running well and only a small amount of inquiries are coming in. That is a sign that your customers are easily coming to terms with the product that you offer. The only problem there is that it is not worth it to hire a full time employee which will be reachable for your customers every day of the week from morning till evening.Through the common use of our employees with all of our additional partners, costs will be divided and you are able to have a high accessibility for your customers to a substantial lower price. Also outsourcing does not essentially mean that your current employees would lose their jobs. If you are happy with your personnel, we are willing to get-together in order to find a solution which satisfied all parties.


Our points:

  • We offer a large expertise in the sector of iGaming, not only casino, poker and sport bets, but also in lotteries, horse bets and the seminal sector of Virtual Sports.
  • We offer a large expertise in the sector of payment: Fraud, Anti-Money-Laundering, customer verifications and handling of payments.
  • In addition we offer experience with online-shops, gastronomy and hotel business and much more.
  • We offer you customer service via E-Mail, phone, live chat, social networks and if favored, with a special VIP-customer service.
  • Our employees have longtime experience in customer care (some of them more than 10 years).
  • We have a longtime experience in the sector quality and complaint management.
  • Our employees attended several courses and instruction trainings for the subject of Anti-Money-Laundering, responsible gaming and data protection.
  • We are and stay motivated, because on one hand we work as a service provider for you and on the other hand we pay great attention to a positive atmosphere within the team. Without a shadow of a doubt we can say that our employees enjoy coming to work.
  • We are flexible. Thanks to our longtime experience we are aware of things which can go wrong. With our motivated team we were able to get so many difficult situations towards smooth sailing.
  • We offer you detailed statistics and, if requested, Service Level Agreements.
  • We walk the Extramile! And we walk it not only for our partners, but also for ourselves. That also means that we will help you to reduce the amount of inquires of your customers as we give you regular feedback to optimize your offers or products in order to improve user-friendliness. We call it experienced complaint management. It is very important to us to convince with good work and to create a positive customer experience.

At this point we would like to offer you information like a price diagram. Please do understand that quotations are not possible without knowing your concrete requirements. The costs vary depending on the communication tools (Email, phone and live chat), the service hours, the preferred languages, the preferred service hours (for each language) and additional duties and tasks. According to experience our offer is always lower after a personal meeting or detailed phone call rather than a general quotation. Therefore we sincerely invite you to contact us here to arrange a meeting.